Mirvac WAs new office is an inspired, engaging and hospitable environment to do business. Mirvac-Fini only recently released its namesake connection with the heritage of Fini Group when this new office was built. Fini was a brand well known for a tradition of producing high-quality construction, making it a perfect fit with the Mirvac brand, BrandCulture took this as the cue to creating the branded environment.
The brief was to differentiate the environment to reflect the local culture and independence that Perth has within Australia and consider a new way to reflect the ‘living line’ and brand values. The office required an independent identity whilst remaining true to the Corporate Brand, geyer created the interior and worked with BrandCulture to bring the brand into context through the environment. This was important for the employees at Mirvac after being rebranded and relocated within a short period of time, keeping the culture strong was paramount to the company.
The ‘living line’ concept had been used in the Sydney office to great effect and again formed the backbone to this branded environment albeit in an edgier, more graphic form. In the lift lobby two stainless steel logos on 2-pac polyurethane and raw timber walls lead you into the reception where you find a wall of awards. The ‘living line’ starts in the reception and leads you through the office across tiled and carpeted floors traversing walls, wooden beams and glass meeting rooms to ceiling tiles and down pin boards creating a sense of connectivity. The line connects all of the meeting rooms and spaces, each named after a landmark project.
Throughout the environment the brand values are infused in the use of finishes and materials. The names of meeting rooms are cut into the carpet as you enter. The meeting tables located within the main working spaces are denounced by graphics on the ceiling moulded into the ceiling tiles. The large floor to ceiling pin boards and timber ceiling beams in the breakout incorporate laser cut anodised aluminium inlays and wraps that reveal the raw materials.