knight frank莱坊世界领先的独立房地产咨询公司。拥有370多年的经验,分布在欧洲、亚太、非洲、中东和美洲各地335间办公室和12,000名员工为客户提供全球服务。服务主要集中在世界首选的住宅和商业房地产市场。THERE为Knight Frank设计了为于悉尼中央商务区的新总部办公室环境空间图形,雕塑墙是这个这个方案中很有特色的作品,用它来展现Knight Frank不断创新的理念。Knight Frank Environmental Graphics & Signage

Knight Frank are an international property consultancy, and one of Australia’s leading experts on prime commercial property nationwide.

When relocating to a new head office in Sydney’s central business district, we were tasked with interpreting their brand positioning to provide an innovative backdrop to animate their new reception space.
The creative brief for the primary feature wall was to showcase the idea of Constant Innovation, a philosophy that helped define the company and shaped the design of their new workplace. At the heart of the new space was an Innovation Zone – an open, collaborative space where clients and staff alike were encouraged to challenge conventional thinking and come up with new ways to problem solve and drive their business. Our task was to design a backdrop to this zone that would prompt innovation whilst creating a distinct sense of place.

The creative solution was to create a super-sized sculptural wall that, whilst static, conveyed the idea of ‘constant change’. Geometric acrylic fins began as an abstracted version of the company’s logo, but soon turned into a dynamic wall cladding as they undulated across its surface. Considered lighting choices and falling shadows also gave the monochromatic wall a look that appears to change throughout the day.

This then set up a strong graphic language for the rest of the space, with the geometric motif rolled out to lift-lobby arrival graphics, privacy screening for glazing and animated locker-door patterning to their back-of-house facilities.

Photography by Steve Brown.