宋代、颍州 宋代美学风格以其内在的人文精神为内核,表现着中国文人自魏晋以来,追求独立于世,畅想思接千载、万古如一的情怀。颍州(现在的阜阳)历史悠久,文化底蕴深厚。因临颍水而得名,为历代郡、县、州府所在地。将“宋”精神内核导入设计,希望对当代城市文化产生正面影响,也将为现代人居环境带来积极的启示意义。

Yingzhou in Song Dynasty  The aesthetic style of the Song Dynasty, with its inner humanistic spirit as its core, shows the Chinese literati’s perpetual pursuit of independence from the world and their active thinking since the Wei and Jin dynasties. Yingzhou (now Fuyang) has a long history and profound culture, and has been set as prefecture, county or provincial capital in different dynasties. It was named because of its proximity to Yinghe River. The spirit of Song is introduced into the design, hoping to exert a positive influence on the contemporary urban culture, and also to bring enlightenment to the modern living environment.

项目背景 项目在建筑、景观、公园、街区、营销故事线等层面,都在塑造以阜阳这个千年古城的地域文化为基础,打造出一个主题鲜明的中式(宋代)主题街区。

Project Background  The project is based on the regional culture of the ancient city Fuyang in various levels including architecture, landscape, park, block and marketing etc., trying to create a distinctive theme block of Chinese (Song dynasty) style.

表现手法—宋体解构 文字,作为媒介用来表现文化与我们自身的关系,不仅是历史的方式,也是当今世界的普遍共识,我们需要重新认识今天的媒介并持续更新它。

Technique of Expression — Deconstruct Song Typeface  Words, as the medium used to express the relationship between culture and our individuals, are not only a kind of history, but also the general consensus in today’s world. We need to re-understand today’s media and continue to update it.


The elements obtained from deconstructed characters are full of variety. Making these elements run through the visual signage system can produce a unique sense of narration. It also reflects the temperament of the literati of Song Dynasty except for satisfying the basic function of sign design.


The most basic elements of Chinese characters, such as points, strokes and hooks are used to constitute the space components, giving out a strong cultural aura between the light and shadow.


The original intention of the design is to arouse people’s desire to know and explore characters and culture. It symbolizes the relationship between culture and ourselves expressed by characters as medium, and it can also stimulate children’s desire to learn and explore characters in the formative education stage. 


Bamboo slip — Corporate Signage Design  Bamboo slipsare the longest used writing carrier in Chinese history and one of the oldest books in China. As the symbol landmark of the region, the logo designer hopes to design the corporate signage by combining the form of bamboo slips and modern expression techniques so as to convey the vicissitude of time and space.

文字符号的表达 文字符号与设计表达的统一为环境营造出一种和谐统一的体验,看似不经意间散布于空间中,实则由一种诗意的组织性连贯起来,使场所精神在视觉系统的任何一个节点上见微知著,举重若轻。

Expression of Letter Symbol  The unity of the expression of letter symbols and the design creates a harmonious atmosphere for the environment. It seems to be inadvertently scattered in the space, but in fact is coherent by a poetic organization, so that the spirit of the place can be seen and felt in every node of our visual system.

停车场立牌设计及户外标识 户外标识设计以场所特殊的文化气质为出发点,结合功能动线的使用需求,反思传统文化内核在当代语境下的表现方式,使设计成为为现代人认知阜阳古时文化的连结性节点。

Parking Signage Design and Outdoor Signage  Taking the special cultural temperament of the site as the starting point, combining with the usage requirement of functional circulation and considering the expression of the traditional culture core in the contemporary context, the outdoor signage makes the design a connecting node for modern people to recognize the ancient culture of Fuyang..


The reconstruction of Chinese characters shows the spirit of place pursued by architecture, landscape and other fields, as well as the cultural temperament emphasized in the project promotion. It enhances the cultural tension of the environment, and attract attention to the project with the hashtag of excellent design, which is conducive to the brand promotion.

艺术之美—《瑞鹤图》(室内标识设计) 《瑞鹤图》堪称有宋一代文化艺术的巅峰。史上艺术造诣最高的皇帝宋徽宗目睹此景,落笔画下瑞鹤图。鹤在神话传说中常与仙人相伴,其行止飘逸,同时鹤身上的气质也与宋代清雅柔逸的调性相符。设计师采用其“鹤”这一元素为室内增添了点睛之笔。

Beauty of Art — Ruihe Tu (The Auspicious Crane) (Interior signage design)  Ruihe Tu can be regarded as the peak of culture and art of the Song dynasty. Huizong, the most accomplished emperor in history, drew the Ruihe Tu after seeing the scenery. Cranes are often associated with the immortal in myths and legends, and their elegance are also consistent with the refined tone of the Song Dynasty. The designer uses “crane” to give a good finishing touch to the interior design.


The presence of signage makes space no longer just a by-product of events. In the space, you can feel the charm and special experience brought by materials and texture in the flowing space.

造型之美—同框交遇(室内标识设计) 宋代文人在审美上讲究简与淡。想要打造一间极具宋代的空间,需要每一次细节打磨。

Beauty of the shape — End-to-end Frame (interior signage design)  The Literati in the Song Dynasty pay attention to the aesthetics of simple and light. To create a very Song space, every detail needs to be polished.


The use of these concepts in the signage creates a kind of grace. Simple frame, plain color and  unvarnished materials in the space makes a beautiful realm of freedom and flexibility.

风格之美—圆、方、素色、质感(营销物料设计) 中国传统美学在宋代达到顶峰,现代美学讲究极简,早在宋代,人们就追求极简。室内的展示架参考宋代家具的艺术风格进行设计,简洁、自然、质朴、雅趣,设计细节展示出圆与方的简洁之美。

Beauty of Style — Circle, Square, Plain Color, Texture (Marketing Materials Design)  Traditional Chinese aesthetics reached its peak in the Song Dynasty, while modern aesthetics stresses minimalism. As early as in the Song Dynasty, people began to pursue minimalism. The interior showing stand is designed with reference to the artistic style of Song Dynasty furniture, which is simple, natural, plain and elegant. The design details show the concise beauty of circle and square.

完成时间: 2019.12
建筑面积:522785 ㎡